7 beach trip tips and hacks

Ready for a fun time at Grand Isle, Louisiana’s beautiful beaches?

Check out these simple tips to make your time at the beach even more enjoyable and less stressful!

Beach Trip Tips

  • Attach your keys to floating key chain
    • Get a set of floating key chains for your keys. They’re inexpensive, and they’ll keep your keys from sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Get a bright set to help make them more visible.
  • Pack a mesh bag
    • Sand is fun to play on, but it’s no fun cleaning it up after you unpack your beach bag back at the rental spot and it falls all over the place. Bring a mesh bag and tote your beach toys and accessories in it. Before returning to your rental property, give it several shakes to get the sand out.
  • Bring a stash of plastic grocery bags
    • Plastic bags can help you sort trash, dirty laundry, shells, snacks, and other items.
  • Try a yoga mat
    • Your yoga mat can be a comfortable alternative to your beach towel.
  • Keep your sunscreen chilled
    • By keeping your sunscreen in your cooler, you can get a cool refresher whenever you reapply it.
  • Pack some lip balm
    • Apply lip balm regularly to protect your lips from the salt water and the sun.
  • Bring cupcake liners
    • Cupcake liners can work wonders at the beach. Use them to cover your drinks to protect them from sand, and affix underneath popsicles to catch drips.

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