3 handy tips to help you choose a compatible fishing charter

Heading to Grand Isle, Louisiana for the ultimate fishing trip? Not yet a pro?

No worries, there are fishing charters that can get you fishing like a seasoned fisherman.


Here some helpful tips on making sure your fishing charter experience is one you’ll never forget… in a good way!

Boat at Grand Isle LA

  1. Speak with the captain

You’ll be interacting with the captain, so if you can call ahead of time and chat with him or her to see if you might be compatible, that would be great.

Ask about their preferred tactics and techniques. Do they mesh with what you enjoy, or are you wanting to try your hand at something new?

Riding on a super-fancy boat but not jiving with the captain or crew probably doesn’t equate to your dream fishing experience.

  1. Ask about policies beforehand

You’ll want to ask the charter if they have any soft or hard policies, such as if the fishing is catch and keep or catch and release.

If you’re new to fishing, you may want them to clarify what these policies and rules entail.

  1. Inquire about half-day charters

If this is your first time, or if you have a jam-packed schedule, you’ll want to ask if the company offers half-day charters.

If you really enjoy the charter experience, you can always opt for a full-day adventure on the next go-around.

Need more tips?

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